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The Combined Regions (TCR) is an organisation set up to enable co-operation between libraries across the British Isles, at both a strategic and an operational level. For more than fifteen years, TCR has been working with its partners to develop a national network for resource-sharing between libraries across Britain and Ireland.

TCR is constituted as a company limited by guarantee, whose members are:

  • Association of London Chief Librarians
  • The British Library
  • Libraries and Information East Midlands
  • North East libraries
  • North West Libraries Interlending Partnership
  • Royal National Institute of Blind People
  • Society of Chief Librarians, West Midlands
  • South Western Regional Library Service
  • Society of Chief Librarians Yorkshire and Humber

TCR works with OCLC on UnityUK™, a national union catalogue and interlending system with holdings from all regions of the British Isles. For more information, see our UnityUK page.

Through its Conarls Working Group, TCR operates the Inter-Regional Unit (IRU) Cost Scheme, commonly known as the 'Conarls rate' for inter-library loans, and provides a national forum for working on resource sharing issues.

UnityUK is a trademark of The Combined Regions.

Last Modified: 4 Jan 2016