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Currently most regions have agreements in place with commercial suppliers.

For further information on transport facilities available to libraries, contact your local region.


Some of the more powerful tools available to the inter-library loans practitioner are union and virtual catalogues.

Union catalogues collect together records from many different catalogues into one central catalogue; catalogues of this type tend to be very quick, robust and easy to search, but may contain records that are somewhat out of date.

Virtual catalogues, by contrast, are search engines that search across many different catalogues simultaneously and aggregate the results; for example: the FABLibraries catalogue.

The Forum for Interlending and Information Delivery has compiled a list of catalogues and resources 

SWRLS has produced a quick search form that allows the rapid sequential searching of various OPACs in the South West region.

See the Interlending links page on this site for other useful links and information

Collection development

The National Acquisitions Group website contains useful linformation and best practice guidelines relating to collections policies.


The North West Libraries Interlending Partnership have produced a handy glossary of library acronyms and jargon, which is invaluable for people coming to the field of libraries and inter-library loans for the first time.

For terms of special significance to music librarians, the glossary provided by the UK and Ireland branch of IAML is another useful resource.

Last Modified: 13 May 2014