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Search for Non-English Language Fiction

This database describes collections rather than individual titles held.
Select HELP for details of the search and presentation options.

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HELP with Searching for Non-English Language Fiction

  • Languages, Regions and Types selection panels have three states:
    1) Normally they show what is currently selected;
    2) Click this and they show all the options;
    3) Click again and they close away, but will return to normal if clicked.
  • Languages and Regions can be selected as multiple choices - the search results will include entries for all selections.
  • Types of Collection require the search to meet every selection exclusively (apart from Small / Medium / Large sizes, which are inclusive)
  • Listing Options by Language, Library or Region divides the search results into these catagories with appropriate headings.
  • All Items/Page listing has an A to Z quick link for library authorities.
  • Library Code links to contact details in the BL Directory.
  • D, J, S on the right refer to the availablity of Dual language versions, Junior titles and Specialist staff.
  • Grey Background indicates loans are not available.