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TCR Management Board

The Management Board of TCR provides strategic direction for the company and performs more fine-grained managerial decision-making on behalf of TCR Council. The Board consists of the Directors and Officers of TCR, plus named individuals elected by Council at the Annual General Meeting.


The Directors of TCR are:

  • Rob Froud, former Head of Cultural Service at Somerset County Council.
  • Robert Gent, former Assistant Director of Cultural and Community Services, Derbyshire County Council.
  • Jo Cox, Key Customer Relationship Manager, British Library


The Officers of TCR for 2016/17 are:

  • Chair Rob Froud
  • Vice Chair Robert Gent
  • Treasurer Pat McKenzie
  • Secretary Deb Ryan
  • Chair of the Conarls Working Group Jo Cox, Key Customer Relationship Manager, British Library

Elected Board Members


  • Mark McCree Senior Manager: Library and Heritage Services RNIB (Royal       National Institute of Blind People)
  • Last Modified: 12 Mar 2017