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Case Study Archive

UnityUK™ subscribers represent a cross section of public libraries, including county councils, unitary authorities and metropolitan boroughs. Different subscribers use different levels of the service and can tailor the service to suit their practices and workflows.

This series of case studies was commissioned to show how different libraries use the service in different ways. It presents a snapshot of how libraries took to the UnityUK service in its first year of operation, and is retained here for historical interest.

Libraries North West : With UnityUK, Trafford and Manchester Libraries were able to offer their customers an improved service.

Vale of Glamorgan County Council : UnityUK accelerated the requests process within the Vale of Glamorgan.

Derbyshire County Council : Within Derbyshire the integrated ILL package delivered a significant benefit.

Oxfordshire County Council : Oxfordshire originally used UnityUK for searching only, but upgraded to the integrated ILL option when staff were trained.

Stories from the UnityUK User Community : Case studies on Derbyshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & the Vale of Glamorgan.

UnityUK is a trademark of The Combined Regions.

Last Modified: 3 Oct 2009