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Electronic resources and ILL: survey results shimAdd News71 to Scrapbook

The results of a survey into the use of electronic resources in the context of inter-library loans has now been published. The survey was conducted at the end of 2010 by TCR's Conarls Working Group, the Forum for Interlending and Information Delivery (FIL) and the North West Libraries Interlending Partnership (NWLIP). The purpose was to gain an understanding of the particular issues electronic materials present in fulfilling inter-library loan requests, and the solutions already in place to overcome these issues.

The survey suggests that keeping track of the rights granted by different publishers is a major obstacle to interlending, alleviated in some cases through the use of a Digital Rights Management or Electronic Resource Management system. The full results have been published on the FIL website.

A follow-up survey is planned for the end of 2011, to determine if the picture has changed in the intervening year.